7 Tips for Dealing with High Conflict People

Building a Team Against the Problem

Calm Yourself with Encouraging Statements

Calming Upset People with EAR

Can You Coach High Conflict People to Change?

Change Their Thinking? FORGETABOUDIT!

Civility & The Surge Protector

Con Artists on Wall Street

Definitions Related to HCPs

High Conflict Personalities in Civil Litigation

High Conflict Counsel - North County Bar Assn 2008

How to Write a BIFF Response

Keep the Conflict Small

Lessons from Steve Jobs

Misunderstanding Incivility

Narcissism & Leadership

New BIFF Book: Interview with Author

Overcoming the Top 6 Unnecessary Barriers to Settlement

Red Flags for Lawyers - and All Professionals

Setting Limits with EAR

Setting the Agenda

Strategic Questions for Dispute Resolvers

The 90% Rule

The CARS Method for Resolving High Conflict Disputes

Thoughts on Ending Racial Alienation

Three Theories of the High Conflict Case

Training vs Education

Violence and Mental Health

When Helping Hurts: When Professionals Become Negative Advocates

Who Are High Conflict People?

Why Healing is Hard for High Conflict People

Why I Wrote High Conflict People in Legal Disputes, 2nd Edition

You Know You're Taking it Personally When....

You'll Need High Conflict Training in 2017



3 Simple Do's and Don'ts

4 Leadership Skills for Herding Cats

4 Ways to Set Limits at Work

7 Steps to Tackle Organizational Splitting

Are HCPs Ruining Your Business?

Bullies at Work

Fire or Keep High Conflict Employees?

High Conflict at Work in 2015

It's All Your Fault at Work!

It's All Your Fault at Work! Author Interview, Part 1

It's All Your Fault at Work! Author Interview, Part 2

Managing Your Narcissistic Boss

Mediation for Workplace Bullies

Narcissists as Leaders

Narcissists as Leaders - Good or Bad for Your Organization?

New Ways for Work: A New Coaching Method

Should Workplace Conflicts Use Mediation?

Splitting at Work

What Baseball Can Teach Us At Work


Parenting & Divorce / Relationships

Attachment & Alienation

Before You Go To Family Court

Boundaries in Separation & Divorce

Can Relationships with People with Borderline Personalities be Saved?

Comparison of Two Online Parenting Programs in Separation & Divorce

Dealing with Dilemmas in Collaborative Practice

Denial in Dating

Dental Alienation

Don't use "Force"

Evaluating Reports of Abuse

Guilt, Shame and Focusing on the Future

Handling Alienation in New Ways for Families

Handling Domestic Violence in New Ways for Families

How Judges Provide the Structure

How New Ways is Different Than a Parenting Class

I'm Done! 4 D's of Divorce

Is Family Court Broken?

Is Your Child Alienated?

Lying in Family Court

Marriage is Declining Rapidly - Does it Matter?

Misunderstanding Family Systems Part 1

Misunderstanding Family Systems Part 2

Old Ways, New Ways

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy

Parenting Coordination & Skills for High Conflict Families

Personality Awareness Skills

Politics of Alienation

Quick Start Guide to Avoiding a High Conflict Divorce

Realistic Expectations: Do Leopards Really Ever Change Their Spots?

Should Mediation and Counseling Replace Today's Family Court, Part I

Should Mediation and Counseling Replace Today's Family Court, Part II

Should Mediation and Counseling Replace Today's Family Court, Part III

Skills Before Decisions

10 Thoughts for Divorcing Parents

The Pull To Take Sides in a High Conflict Divorce

The Reasonable Parent's Dilemma

Thoughts on Shared Parenting Presumptions 

Times of High Risk with High Conflict People

What to Tell Kids About a High Conflict Co-Parent

Why New Ways for Families is Going Online

Family Law: 3 Theories of the Case

3 Tips for Managing High Conflict People in Family Law & Mediation


Managing High Conflict People in Family Law & Mediation

Coaching Clients to Make Proposals

Don't Ask Why? Ask What's Your Proposal?

High Conflict Mediation: 4 Tips for Mediators

Interview with Retired Judge - Mediator

Making Proposals

New Ways for Mediation: A New Method

New Ways for Mediation: Explaining the Method

Numbers vs Feelings in Divorce Mediation

Pre-Mediation Coaching: 4 Skills for Your Clients

Should Mediators Make Proposals?

So, What's Your Proposal?

When Math People & Feelings People Negotiate

When Storytelling Hurts Conflict Resolution

Yes, No, I'll Think About It



Healing a Split Nation

High Conflict Politics - Beware!

Peddling Painful Politics

Splitting America

Why Trump Won't Change

Why Trump Won't Change 2017