What do I need to do to use your program in my practice? 

We offer training and licensing to practitioners who would like to use our curriculum with clients. 

First, complete the training that corresponds with the program model you want to offer. Next, complete the licensing procedure. Each year you are required to renew your licensing in order to remain an approved provider. 

Do I have to be a licensed counselor to use your program?

Not necessarily. Our program models were designed to be used in any family law setting - by licensed mental health professionals, lawyers, mediators, coaches and other helping professionals. Please review each program model for specific professional licensing requirements.

Do you have specific New Ways for Families forms to be used?

Yes. We have standard forms for getting started and completing behavioral declarations, parent instructions, agreements to use, court order templates, confidentiality agreements, release of information forms, coordination letters and verification of completion forms. Please contact us directly for the forms you need, depending on the type of case you have and the program model you are using.

These forms are reviewed and instructions provided during the initial New Ways 2-day training. 

Why should I sign up for your newsletter?

Our quarterly newsletter is designed to be a resource for professionals. We include two featured articles, client handouts, featured videos and books, professional development resources and important provider information. 

Do you help professionals market themselves as approved providers?

We list all approved providers on our website, with contact information and services provided. We offer a variety of promotional brochure templates. We provide assistance and collaboration in presenting the New Ways program to your community or court system. 

How is the Parent Workbook used?

Each of our program models has a corresponding parent workbook. Practitioners guide parents in completing the exercises in the workbook during the counseling, coaching or pre-mediation sessions.

How do clients access your online program?

Our online Parenting Without Conflict course is available here. Parents can register on their own from that page at their convenience. Once they create an account and make payment, they can get started right away. 

Is the program researched-based?

A Social Return on Investment Study was completed for our pilot program in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. Download the Executive Summary by clicking here.

Research basis: the program curriculum is based on aspects of the following evidenced-based interventions: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Parent-Child Interaction Therapy and Child Inclusive Mediation.

We are always looking to implement the program in new communities so we can continue our research efforts. If you are interested in bringing together your local court, legal professionals and mental health professionals to implement and research the program, contact us for more information.