YWCA of Calgary

January 2012

The YWCA of Calgary was also awarded a grant of approximately $500,000 by the Alberta Government’s Safe Communities Initiative to try the New Ways method for three years. Counselors with the YWCA will provide the Individual and Parent-Child Counseling and have already been trained in the method. The legal community in Calgary has shown its support for New Ways, with attorneys frequently requesting the method for their clients, and particular judges eager to begin referring parents. Judges are scheduled to receive training in January 2012.

The YWCA of Calgary is providing New Ways as part of a two-step intervention. First, families participate in New Ways with the hope of developing their own parenting plan without returning to court. If parents are unable to do so, they participate in additional counseling and children are provided with legal representation. The YWCA has a positive history of serving families with domestic violence issues, among other services, so that implementing New Ways with these families is hoped to reduce the negative impact on their children. Calgary also plans on participating in the research study to measure the impact of New Ways on individual families.

New Ways for Families, a program of High Conflict Institute, was developed by Bill Eddy to manage high-conflict personalities in family court. It is designed to help families avoid getting stuck in a never-ending high-conflict battle that costs huge sums of money, involves multiple professionals, works against the child's best interests and impacts them in both their short-term and long-term well-being. Bill is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with twelve years' experience providing therapy to children and families. As an attorney, he is a Certified Family Law Specialist and the Senior Family Mediator with the National Conflict Resolution Center in San Diego. Bill presents the New Ways method to therapists, judges, and lawyers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information about the steps of method, current programs, or seminars and training, go to: www.NewWays4Families.com or visit our Contact Us page for more email and phone contact options.