*We do not endorse any of the following organizations. However, they are well-known in the divorce community and have a reputation for providing beneficial resources for families in transition. 

Unhooked Media: books and other media for help managing all types of difficult relationships:  dating, parenting, divorce, high-conflict

High Conflict Institute: Parenting & Divorce (free articles)

Sesame Street Divorce Toolkit: Little Children, Big Challenges: Toolkit for parents. How to talk to your children about divorce; activities to help your child through this transition

Child-Centered Divorce Network

Kids First, Parents Second

Personality Disorder Awareness Network

Divorce Mediation Group (San Diego, CA): Before going to court, consider mediation. Even if you think your case is "too high-conflict," mediation still might work for you. Divorce Mediation Group offers workshops, consultations and full mediation services.  

Association of Family & Conciliation Courts - Resources for Families

Therapy Changes (San Diego, CA) - specializing in helping individuals, children and families successfully navigate life's most difficult transitions. Download PDF: Helping Parents Increase Emotional Intelligence In Children: Managing Childhood Meltdowns & Teaching Children Skills for Emotional Management

Winestone Mediation: (Los Angeles County / Ventura County / Orange County) Family Mediation Services