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Dealing with High Conflict People in Court

You know who they are: Your clients who blame others for everything. Who expect you to work miracles and then are outraged when court doesn't go their way. Who have no boundaries. Who exhibit extreme emotions that are way out of proportion to the issue. These are "High Conflict People." This 1-hour video will give you practical techniques for managing these clients - tips you can start using today.

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Personality Disordered Parents & Alienated Children

This 3-hour program provides an overview of the DSM-5 criteria for five personality disorders which appear frequently in family law and mental health practice. How personality-disordered parents may pass alienating behaviors to their children is explained. the range of opposing legal and mental health perspectives on the issue of child alienation are presented, including a range of interventions from mild to moderate to severe.

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Dealing with High Conflict Counsel

In every occupation there are some people with high-conflict personalities, including the practice of law. If you are a lawyer, high-conflict opposing counsel can make your life miserable. Yet there are tools you can use to deal successfully with them in many cases. This video gives you an understanding of their predictable high-conflict behaviors and tips for managing your relationship, both in and out of court.


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