Parenting Without Conflict

by New Ways for Families

12-session online class


This course is presented in a positive, “no blame, no shame” context and focuses on skills for successful future co-parenting – rather than focusing on bad past behavior. BOTH parents should complete the course individually, so that both parents are using the same skills for co-parenting. However, either parent can register for the course on their own at any time. 

How Parenting without Conflict is Different Than Other Parent Education Courses

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Who Can Refer Clients To This Course?

Judges, Lawyers. Mental Health Professionals, Mediators, Coaches, Family Court Services, Parent Educators, Divorce Financial Consultants - any family law professional

If court-ordered, judges should order both parents to complete this course at the beginning of the case. That way, both parents learn the exact same skills necessary to manage their emotions and engage productively in the decision making process before conflict and emotions escalate.

Professionals: Want a free online presentation & demo of the course before referring clients?  Contact us today! 

Can parents take this class voluntarily?

Yes! Sign up today!

Any parent can take this course to improve their co-parenting relationship. You don't need a court order or a referral from a professional.

The skills learned will help each parent:
(1)  work more productively with professionals during the decision making process
(2) work more productively with his/her co-parent
(3) support his/her children during this transition

*NOTE: Before registering for this course, please confirm with your court that an online course from Online Parenting Programs will be accepted by the judge. 


“This class is widely ordered by judges. One judge orders most of her cases to attend. She does this because she has seen tremendous change in parents after taking it. She says in one case only the Dad took it [the Mom did not take it] but he came to his next hearing and worked out an agreement with the mother because of his experience taking the class.”
~ Counselor, Family Court Services


Download Course Guidebook
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  • Parenting & Co-Parenting classes

  • "High Conflict" cases

  • Anger Management classes

  • Mediation & Pre-Mediation

  • Supplement existing curriculum or services



  • Parents register for & complete the course on their own

  • Parents learn & practice 4 key skills

  • Parents are introduced to the decisions that will need to be made in the future

  • Parents are more prepared to effectively engage in professional services & decision-making

  • Parents learn skills for successful co-parenting



  • Immunize families from becoming high conflict

  • Reduce existing conflict in cases already identified as "high conflict"

  • Increase child's well-being

  • Effective client engagement & client management



Download Course Guidebook


  • Have you been ordered to take a co-parenting course?

  • Were you referred by your lawyer, a mediator or a mental health professional?

  • Are you looking for resources to help make your divorce or separation process go as smoothly as possible?



  • Communication

  • Decision-making

  • Managing your emotions

  • Acting, not reacting

  • Coping with Stress

  • Creating a parenting plan

  • Talking to your child about the divorce



  • Prepare for mediation

  • Prepare for work with your lawyer

  • Protect your child from the conflict

  • Focus on your child's well-being

  • Successfully navigate the divorce process


What Will I Learn?

New Way Skills

  • Flexible Thinking: recognizing that there is more than one solution to every problem; learn to make proposals to the other parent in a way that is likely to elicit a positive response back

  • Managed Emotions: learn and practice managing your emotions (sadness, anger, fear, anxiety) so as to not over-react or take things personally, and not to pass on those feelings to your children

  • Moderate Behaviors: avoiding extreme actions that are likely to result in an extreme emotion or behavior by the other parent

  • Check Yourself: learn to remind yourself to use these skills when making decisions with a co-parent

Course Outline

  • Unit 1: Coping with Stress

  • Unit 2: Solving Co-Parenting Problems

  • Unit 3: Avoid Over-Reacting

  • Unit 4: Influencing Your Type of Co-Parent

  • Unit 5: Extreme Behavior and the Effect on Your Child's Brain

  • Unit 6: Raising Healthy Children

  • Unit 7: Child Development Goals

  • Unit 8: Parenting Schedules

  • Unit 9: Using Professionals

  • Unit 10: New Partners, New Families

  • Unit 11: Handling Financial Issues

  • Unit 12: How to Avoid Becoming a High Conflict Case

These classes were developed by Bill Eddy, president of the High Conflict Institute and the developer of the New Ways for Families method, which has been used by Family Court systems as well as counselors, lawyers and families out of court. It is based on his twelve years of experience as a child and family counselor, and twenty-one years of experience as a family lawyer. High Conflict Institute has collaborated with Online Parenting Programs to offer the New Ways curriculum in an interactive, online format.  

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*NOTE: Before registering for this course, please confirm with your court that an online course will be accepted by the judge.