Starting a New Ways Program

1.    Watch the New Ways for Families® Intro for Professionals video (1 hour) and decide if you want to do this method. This video primarily demonstrates the Court-Based Counseling model, but also provides important information about basis, purpose and structure the program.

2.    Read the Professional Guidebook and Articles about how New Ways is different.

3.    Review our website or contact us to discuss which program model and training option would best meet your needs. 

4.  Training. We are happy to discuss which training option is best for you, depending on the model you want to use and whether you have other professionals in your group interested in training as well.

If you want to offer the New Ways curriculum in a therapy/counseling setting, a 2-day training is required. This 2-day training can be live or via video training and zoom. Please contact us to discuss your options.

If you are only going to provide the Coaching model or Decision Skills Class model, the required training is a 90 minute online video training. You can purchase and view the training individually, at any time. Contact us for group rates if you intend to train multiple people using the online video.

Decision Skills Class - Instructor Training + Purchase the Instructors’ Manual and Workbook

Pre-Mediation Coaching - Coaches’ Training + Purchase the Coaches’ Manual and Workbook

5.    Complete the training and licensing requirements with High Conflict Institute.

6.    Join the “New Ways Network”

If implementing New Ways as a community-wide program, it is best to develop a steering committee and timeline for starting a New Ways program following the training. Steering committees should ideally be comprised of counselors, family law attorneys and judges, if possible. A panel of trained professionals will be developed after the training and licensing requirements have been met. This list of trained professionals will be listed on our New Ways website. View our current approved provider list here.

If implementing New Ways on an agency-level or within your individual practice, you can begin offering the program any time after completing the training and licensing requirements.

Contact us to further discuss the steps of implementation. We will help you decide which approach is best for your community.

7.    Adapt the New Ways forms and procedures to fit your local agency and family court jurisdiction, with High Conflict Institute approval and assistance.