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New Ways for Families Online(TM), Coaches’ Training. Coming August 2019. Via zoom. Professionals can coach clients in their use of the New Ways Online co-parenting course offered as Parenting Without Conflict. Read more about the course here. This events page will be updated when this training is scheduled and more information is available. If you want to be added to the list to receive information specific to this online + coaching training, please email michelle@newways4families.com.


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Past Conferences:

AFCC-Annual Conferences: Los Angeles (2013), Toronto (2014), New Orleans (2015), Seattle (2016), Boston (2017), D. C (2018), Toronto (2019)

AFCC-AAML (2017)

National Council of Juvenile & Family Court Judges - Annual Conference (2017)

AFCC-WA (2017)

AFCC-CA (2017)

APFM (2013)


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